Who are you?
I’m Luck. You can find me on twitter and tumblr.

What’s the update schedule?
Presently, once a week on Mondays. At the end of each chapter, I take a break from updating for a few weeks to accommodate life and build up my buffer. You can stay updated on scheduling at twitter.

Is there any supplementary material?
Trawling through the above twitter and tumblr links will turn up some bonus art of the characters as I draw them. Right now, I’ve intentionally left most of the story to be told by, well, the story!

If you haven’t checked the archives yet, you can find a couple prequel comics I drew as a test run way back before I started chapter 1.

What programs/tablet do you use?
Clip Studio Paint (for almost everything), Adobe Photoshop CS2 (for lettering). The tablet is a Wacom Intuos.

How can I support you?
Thanks for wondering! You can throw me a few bucks here, or you can just spread the word to some friends.